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Welcome to Total Renaissance Wellness
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Changing the Internal World to Transform the External World
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Welcome to Total Renaissance Wellness…Where we aim to Inspire…Educate…and Transform.  Total Renaissance Wellness, LLC is a multi-faceted health and wellness company. We offer transformative wellness education and advocacy.  With over 18 years of experience in many different settings of healthcare, Total Renaissance Wellness, LLC has the expertise, networks, and resources to help you with your health and wellness goals.  We aim to partner with you to bring your vision of wellness to life, whether it be for you personally, a family member, your business, employees, your community, or your students.  Our experience will allow us to develop a solution for you. Many of our services can be custom tailored to your needs.  Please feel free to email or call with any questions and/or your project vision, and we will come up with a quote for you.

Health and Wellness Consulting & Programming

We provide corporate and individual wellness plans, retreats, workshops, and seminars. I also conduct Mind Body Skills groups and teach these skills to group members, professional Staff, and students (young and college age) We also provide general medical consulting, inspirational and informative talks, and health and wellness coaching.

Medical Advocacy

This is great for anyone who has or is caring for someone with multiple and/or involved medical diagnosis that is in need of help with organizing, advocating for, understanding, or interfacing on their behalf medically. We help people “maneuver the medical minutia”, without diagnosing, prescribing, or treating. Click here for more detail.

Food Allergy Advocacy and Awareness

We help anyone who has been diagnosed with food allergies and or intolerance, navigate this sometimes challenging and overwhelming arena. Whether the challenge be personal or with a loved one, we help with eating recommendations, dealing with school safety, play dates, labeling, epi pen training, etc. These are just a few of the services that can be provided. Click here for more detail.

What my clients
say about me

"In the mind-body skills workshop, I am learning new ways to relieve stress and improve my thought life. My favorite mind-body lesson thus far has been "Dialogue with a Symptom." During that particular group meeting, I learned during that getting stuck in an emotion can lead to negative outcomes. Since that lesson, I am making meaningful changes in my life. Dr. Greenwood is very encouraging of the comments I have made during weekly "check-ins." Journaling has also been a very eye-opening experience and has lead to my own self-discovery that I do not need to bow to my feelings."
Anne Marie Wagener
"I am finishing Dr. Greenwood's course, and I have been very pleased with the content of the class and the manner in which it is presented. I have taken any number of stress reduction/meditation/mindfulness classes, but this is the first one that went beyond closing your eyes and breathing deeply! The specific skills that are presented each week give the participants strategies that increase self-awareness regarding the mind-body connection. Dr. Greenwood pairs the skill practice with instruction about the research-based biophysics behind each strategy. The small size of the group allows for comfortable sharing and listening. Dr. Greenwood's training as a certified mind body skills practitioner AND a physician gave me confidence in what she presented. Attending this class has been a gift to myself!"
Peggy Hool
"I participated in the Mind Body Skills Group twice and each time gained so much. I am so grateful that Dr. Greenwood offered it. I learned so much about myself and the importance of self-care. She provided many techniques to reduce stress, increase calmness and mindfulness. Each evening, I looked forward to the group. I will be forever grateful that I took the time to do this for me."
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Benefits of Mind-Body Wellness and Techniques Used include:

  • Reduced stress, self -regulation of the autonomic nervous system (biological underpinnings and autonomic nervous system, soft belly breathing, other meditation techniques, dancing and shaking)
  • Increased health and healing: physically, mentally, emotionally (mindful eating, shaking and dancing, forgiveness mediation, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung)
  • Increased self-awareness, self-care and self-trust (drawings, dialogue with a symptom, special place/wise guide, mindful eating)
  • Enhanced productivity (soft belly)
  • Creativity stimulation (dialogue with a symptom, drawings)
  • Community and workplace connection (sharing during check-ins)
  • Resiliency (genograms, gratitude journal, special place/wise guide, forgiveness meditation)

Clarity on life decisions (wise guide, drawings)

Topics That Can be Addressed and their Benefits
•    Meditation (relaxation, reduces stress, increases well-being and focus)
•    Deep Breathing (creates awareness of stress and relieves tension)
•    Biological Underpinnings of MBM (Biofeedback/autogenics)
•    Art (drawing and imagery to access the unconscious, get clarity on next steps)
•    Guided visualization and imagery (guided exercises -safe place, wise guide, physiological awareness)
•    Movement (shaking and dancing/moving, Tai Chi, yoga, walking meditation)
•    Body Awareness (body scan, imagery)
•    Nutrition and Mindful Eating
•    Emotions (writing exercise-dialogue with a symptom, journal keeping, yes/no exercise)
•    Spirituality (forgiveness meditation, self-awareness, ritual)
•    Gratitude (resilience and positive psychology)
•    Genograms (family tree for self- understanding of behavior/patterns, strengths/challenges can be used for organizational tree as well)

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