Medical Advocacy

Have you ever left the doctors office for yourself or a loved one and wished…”If only I had someone to go back over that again for me”, or “Gee I wish I had a doctor in my family to help me process what just happened to me or what I was just told”, Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by a medical challenge for yourself, your parent, or child and just was not sure where to turn to? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Medical Advocacy services, might just be for you. Through our questionnaire and consultation, we strive to get a thorough understanding of your case and your needs.  We use our intimate knowledge of the medical system and its resources to help guide you and your family. Whether its advisement on the best bed to buy, using our resource network to find the best practitioners, or help finding an adult daycare, we can help. * Of note, these are consultative services and do not include any primary or medical care services.  We will work in concert with your physician.  These services do not include diagnosing, prescribing, or treatment. This is a fee for service offering.

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