Health and Wellness
Consulting and Programming

Corporate Wellness:  Contract with us to provide single or multi-topic wellness workshops, seminars, and /or experiential.  Perhaps your employees would benefit from a wellness series (on site multiple week or quarterly seminars), lunch and learns, wellness packets. Well employees are more engaged, productive, and happier overall.

Dine and Discussion:  A fully staged group setting where the topic of your choice is presented and discussed and a healthy meal is prepared, served, and taught.

Health and Wellness Fair Facilitation:  You dream it…We create the reality.  Custom or template wellness fair with screenings, information, wellness activities, merchandise*, “meet with the specialist.”

Health and Wellness Seminars:  Didactic teaching on a single subject matter.

Health and Wellness Workshops:  Didactic teaching on a select topic with an experiential and materials for take home/home use.

Mind Body Medicine Programming:  Our staff is either certified or has undergone advanced training in Mind Body Medicine techniques.  These techniques are a great gift to patients, clients, and/or employees to help with stress relief, life balance, and introspection.  These all culminate into a better person who is able to execute the tasks asked of them on a daily basis.   These sessions can be topic workshops or seminars with or without experientials.

Mind Body Medicine Skills Groups Facilitation:  This is a unique and enriching small group, personal experience that is delivered over 8 weeks.   Group members share and experience a different Mind Body Medicine technique each week that they then can apply to their daily lives.   Most participants leave the group better able to deal with stress, anxiety, conflict, and having a better handle on themselves and what makes them able to be their best representation of themselves.  Caution this is a positive life changing experience.

Public and Inspirational Speaking Engagements:  Multi-Age group preventative medicine, single topic, Physician Burnout or wellness speaking are just a few areas of expertise.  Customized to your need.

Wellness Programming:  Ongoing mini seminars and/or workshops, custom tailored to the client’s needs and audience.  This is a great selling point to show your commitment to the overall well-being of your employees and clients.

Wellness Work Up:  This service is for the individual who wants to start incorporating integrative and Mind Body Medicine techniques and modalities into their life but is not sure how to go about it.   This is a 90-minute consultation, questionnaire, and resource plan customized to your needs.

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