Benefits of Mind-Body Wellness and Techniques Used include:

• Reduced stress, self -regulation of the autonomic nervous system (biological underpinnings and autonomic nervous system, soft belly breathing, other meditation techniques, dancing and shaking)
• Increased health and healing: physically, mentally, emotionally (mindful eating, shaking and dancing, forgiveness mediation, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung)
• Increased self-awareness, self-care and self-trust (drawings, dialogue with a symptom, special place/wise guide, mindful eating)
• Enhanced productivity (soft belly)
• Creativity stimulation (dialogue with a symptom, drawings)
• Community and workplace connection (sharing during check-ins)
• Resiliency (genograms, gratitude journal, special place/wise guide, forgiveness meditation)
• Clarity on life decisions (wise guide, drawings)


Topics That Can be Addressed and their Benefits
•    Meditation (relaxation, reduces stress, increases well-being and focus)
•    Deep Breathing (creates awareness of stress and relieves tension)
•    Biological Underpinnings of MBM (Biofeedback/autogenics)
•    Art (drawing and imagery to access the unconscious, get clarity on next steps)
•    Guided visualization and imagery (guided exercises -safe place, wise guide, physiological awareness)
•    Movement (shaking and dancing/moving, Tai Chi, yoga, walking meditation)
•    Body Awareness (body scan, imagery)
•    Nutrition and Mindful Eating
•    Emotions (writing exercise-dialogue with a symptom, journal keeping, yes/no exercise)
•    Spirituality (forgiveness meditation, self-awareness, ritual)
•    Gratitude (resilience and positive psychology)
•    Genograms (family tree for self- understanding of behavior/patterns, strengths/challenges can be used for organizational tree as well)


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