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Top 3 Health Challenges for African Americans

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We live in a society that affords us cultural, economic, and social diversity. While this diversity affords us many benefits, a combination of factors have resulted in a number of health disparities in our country. African Americans (AA) suffer from these health disparities on a number of fronts.  In todays post, I will highlight 3 such diseases that affect African Americans at a higher and more aggressive rate. 







often all have no symptoms



Problem with the body that causes blood glucose (sugar) to rise higher than normal. Due to impaired insulin or not enough.


Fasting Blood Sugar >126

Incr thirst, incr urination, weight loss, incr hunger, blurred vision, tingling in hands and feet, infections



When your blood pressure, the force of your blood pushing against your blood vessels, is consistently too high


Stage 1  > 130/80-89 Stage 2   >140/90


Headaches, blurred vision, most of the time NONE


Also known as Cardiovascular Disease.  Generally refers to condions that narrow blocked blood vessles that can lead to heart attack, angina, or stroke.

Chest pain, palpitations, light headedness, dizziness,fatigue, fainting


ABC’s of what you need to Know!


When it comes to all of these diseases, it is important to apply the ABC’s…

A-    Become AWARE of the often subtle signs of the disease

B-      Take care of the BASICS that your body needs to keep the disease in control

C-    COMMIT to healthy habits atleast 5 days a week. No one is perfect all of the time, but 80% helps a great deal.

Factors that drive disparities

·         Genes/Genetics

·         Access to Care

·         Different response to Medications

·         Education Level

·         Cultural Diet Traditions

·         Socioeconomic Levels

·         Education Levels

·         Physician Bias/Late Detection



Type 2 Diabetes

Top Tips

  • Know the Symptoms/Signs
  • Keep carbohydrate load under control
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
  • Exercise 4-5 x a week
  • Practice Portion Control, Eat Slow, and control your weight
  • Control your stress
  • Sleep Matters
  • Low Sugar/High Flavor Diet
  • Keep a Food and Activity journal

Identify Prediabetes and cut your risk!

“Perhaps the single most important task is not to showcase who is affected by any one of these diseases, but it is to find a way to shed light on the diseases and give people the practical tools to beat and prevent them, These are not life sentences, but more of a call to action”

Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

Consider adjunctive therapy like Yoga, Biofeedback, Meditation

Be consistent with your medication and track your values

Know your triggers and keep them controlled.

“Life Style Change is Key!
• Stop Smoking
• Control Cholesterol
• Control Diabetes
• Exercise
• Control Hypertension
• Treat Depression
• Maintain Healthy Weight
• Practice good personal and dental hygeine
• Manage Stress